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$40.00/hr  with Dorian Gehring

Day rates may be available for larger projects


$30.00/hr  with Dorian Gehring

Project rates may be available

Please Contact Sima Cunningham for information about studio rates for outside Engineers

Studio Equipement and Gear

At this time Foxhall Studio is only releasing a full list of gear by request.  


We are currently running a Pro Tools HDX system with Pro Tools 11.  We have an ever growing assortment of Condenser, Ribbon and Dynamic Microphones.

Foxhall is also the home of a very nice Slingerland house drum kit, a Wurlitzer electric piano, a Hammond A100, and a wide variety of other keyboards, guitars and amplifiers. We have a grand piano that is available upon request. 


Please contact us for more information.

Artists Foxhall Has Recorded


Al Scorch

Alaina Stacey

Dream Version

Exit Ghost

Girls Of The Golden West

Lane Beckstrom

Liam Kazar

Macie Stewart



Mike Reed


Nick Mazzarella and Tomeka Reid

Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid, and Mike Reed


Quinn Tsan

Ryan Joseph Anderson

Ryley Walker and Charles Rumback

Sad Brad Smith

Sima Cunningham

Steve Slagg

The Blisters

Wooden Wand

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